Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My Bathroom, a Work in Progress

The bathroom renovation was supposed to be finished on Friday but it’s still not done. Of course, a person should know that these things always go over the scheduled date but I was hoping so badly that it wouldn’t happen.

There have already been few bumps and I suspect there will be a few more to come. My biggest complaint is really that we’d get offered a choice, like for example, how high we want the tile to go up the wall (to the ceiling, above the shower line). We’d make a decision (the shower line with a cap tile). And then we’d get home to discover that the tile is all the way up to the ceiling. If the guys are gonna do whatever they want anyway, why bother asking our opinion? It’s very frustrating. Then, there’s this shower pan that the washer and dryer have to sit in. It has a drain in it so that if our fancy new front-loading washer has a leak, it won’t cause permanent house damage. I don’t think it was designed properly, because I don’t think we were on the same page as the tile workers and our contractor, nor were they on the same page as one another. Everybody had some bit of information that the others needed that just never came up during conversation. So, you find out things after it’s too late to change them.

Anyway, what has been done so far is coming together. I’m pretty happy with how it looks so far. The tile is all down and should, by tonight, have grout. The accidental, extra holes in the drywall have been patched. There are vents in the proper place, outlets and light boxes in the proper place. I think we’re still gonna need another visit from the plumber and electrician, though. I’m told that we should be able to shower tomorrow or Thursday morning. Still no word on when the rest of it will be finished but my contractor is working pretty hard on it.

As I’m sure you can well imagine, I’ve handled the entire experience calmly, with grace and poise. Ha! The delay in getting it finished, the “no end in sight” of the project, the accidental cutting off of most of our heat, the fact that I’m (apparently) still not quite over the break-in (armed with the knowledge that there are very often repeat break-ins a few months after you’ve replaced all your stuff), and the kicking in of my car mirror by some random guy when I was at rehearsal, and that pole in the parking lot that came out of nowhere yesterday, and my necklace that broke this morning when I was toweling off (at Kevin and Su’s ‘cause I don’t have a shower), and the fact that work was busy, and I have a houseguest .. well .. let’s just say that I’ve been kind of high-strung and a bit whiny and probably not too fun to be around. Clearly, I am still a work in progress too! Poor Rob!

Talk to you soon,


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Karen and Dion said...

Just take it all out on the blog. That should spare Rob a little, although I'm sure that he is also irritated with some of this and misery does love company.