Thursday, November 23, 2006

Isn’t technology fun?

Technology is great isn’t it? I’m working on my blog on my laptop while I watch “Lost: Season Two” on Rob’s computer. Since we don’t have the Xbox I’ve been watching DVDs on Rob’s computer.

So – speaking of technology, have you crazy live-abroad types heard of Craig’s list yet? Craig’s list is super fantastico! And today, I had my first Craig’s list exhange. Here’s how it went down. Remember how I decided to change the paint colour of the trim in the den? Remember how I had a whole gallon of ceiling paint that I’d already had mixed to match the trim colour that I don’t like anymore? Well, how ‘bout that – I don’t have it any more! And ya know what, I have a crisp $20 bill instead. I listed my can of paint at 3:00 today and it was sold by 5:00. The exchange went down at 7:30.

I’m thoroughly impressed with how well the whole thing went.

You guys should give it a try. There's even a Craigslist for Berlin, Japan, Denmark, Vancouver, or Montreal.

Talk to you soon,



rob said...

hah... bex spoke too soon. i went to deliver the paint, and the woman backed out of the deal. anybody wanna buy some paint?

kristin said...
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kristin said...

he craigslist in berlin isn't all that popular. it's a bit of a ghost town. a friend (an american) rented her apartment out for two months over craigslist. the first woman who said she'd take it backed out after jess had already booked her flights.