Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

First, "The Good". I had lunch with Steve
on Tuesday. Steve is in Toronto taking a break from his work with MSF but he's heading back out soon. We had a good chat about how much we should appreciate what we have here in Canada in 2005. And we chatted a lot about his work in Somalia for MSF. In particular, what he sees as some main medical needs in his clinic as well as how I could help. I told him about TSF: Tricoteuses Sans Frontiers or Knitters Without Borders. It's an organization that Stephanie started to encourage knitters to donate money to MSF. I also told him about the knitters that I have heard of who knit up hats and blankets and little toys for the kids being helped my MSF. I was trying to figure out a way of organizing some of the knitters from the area or maybe through the blogging system to donate hats, blankets, and small soft toys to Steve's clinic. I suspect that there are some logistical issues with my vague plan but I've been trying to work them out.

Then -- Stephanie posted this. I think I may put my initial efforts toward helping her, if she'll let me. And if anyone has any ideas for how to get some handknitted goodness to Steve and MSF, let me know!!

Ok, so now for "The Bad". I HATE the U of T library. It's ok -- they hate me too. They are convinced that I lost a book in 2002 that has been accruing fines of $548. I'm sure I returned it. They're sure I didn't. It wasn't even a good book. Now, in order to get a new library card, I have to pay for the book ($130) and some old fines ($75). They may even make me pay the fines for the lost book but probably not. This is ridiculous. And I have no proof that I didn't lose the book. So I have to pay up or never show my face in the library ever again. I'm seriously considering option 2.

"The Ugly": I worked on more of my choreography last night. I'm teaching a beginner tap piece for PushPull this year. It's tap dance to a very high energy bluegrass song (Sophronie). Yesterday I thought: "man, I'm on fire!". Today I think: "man, I'm on crack". The piece is HARD. I'm pretty sure they'll be able to pick up most of it but .. you know .. it's gonna get UGLY.

Talk to you soon,


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